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NOTICE: Our GPC lab will be closed from June 25, 2018 through July 15, 2018. The last day to submit samples for analysis and receive results prior to the lab closure is June 18, 2018. Any orders placed for standards will be processed a usual.

Multi - Angle Laser Light Scattering (MALLS)

Determining the weight average molecular weight (Mw)of organic and water soluble polymers by MALLS is done by injecting the solution into a chromatography system with a MALLS instrument and a refractometer. The intensity of the scattered light is proportional to the molecular weight. The weight average can be calculated using a known dn.dc value, a specific refractive index increment of the solute-solvent mixture and a known concentration.

Instrumentation: Wyatt Dawn
Molecular Weight Range:

Organic Solvent (Above 10,000 g/mol)
Aqueous Solvent (Above 10,000 g/mol)

Temperature: Room Temperature
Turnaround Time: 7 Business Days from Receipt of sample(s)
Price: $1,815.00 - First Sample
$1,210.00 - *Additional Sample(s)

*Additional Sample(s) pricing based on samples received at the same time using the same operating conditions.

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