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Multi - Angle Laser Light Scattering (MALLS)

Determining the weight average molecular weight (Mw)of organic and water soluble polymers by MALLS is done by injecting the solution into a chromatography system with a MALLS instrument and a refractometer. The intensity of the scattered light is proportional to the molecular weight. The weight average can be calculated using a known dn.dc value, a specific refractive index increment of the solute-solvent mixture and a known concentration.

Instrumentation: Wyatt Dawn
Molecular Weight Range:

Organic Solvent (Above 10,000 g/mol)
Aqueous Solvent (Above 10,000 g/mol)

Temperature: Room Temperature
Turnaround Time: 7 Business Days from Receipt of sample(s)
Price: $1,815.00 - First Sample
$1,210.00 - *Additional Sample(s)

*Additional Sample(s) pricing based on samples received and analyzed at the same time using the same operating conditions.

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