American Polymer Standards Corporation

Providing Molecular Weight Polymer Standards since 1983




Polymer Solubility Index for GPC

Polymer Solubility
acenaphehylene/MMA THF; DMF
acenaphthylene/Styrene/acrylic THF; DMF
acrylic/butadine/styrene THF; DMF
ABS (acrylonitrile/butadiene/styrene) DMF; DMSO; THF
amides DMF
acrylimide/acrylic acid H2O+Na AC+KH2PO4; DMSO
acetylene (LMW) TCB; Toluene
acrylics Toluene; THF; DMF; DMSO
acrylonitrile/butadiene Rubber Toluene; DMF; TCB
Alkyd Resins Toluene; THF; chloroform; DMAc
alkyl Resins THF; chloroform
Apsphalt Toluene; THF; chloroform; DMF; TCB; m-cresol
Aromatic polyamide (KEVLAR) Insoluble In: TCB; DMF; m-cresol; HFIP; THF; Toluene; DMSO; NMP
alkyene glycols ODCB; Toluene; THF; chloroform
amide/imide DMF; DMAc; DMSO; DMF+LiBR
acrylonitrile DMF
acetels, Delrin DMAc at 140°C
acrylic acids H2O+0.05M NH4Ac+2% MEOH pH @ 7.2w/NH4OH
Amylose proprionate THF
Amylose Acetate THF
Amylose Butyrate THF
Acrylonitrile/Styrene THF
butene-1 ODCB; Toluene; TCB
Butyl Rubber ODCB; Toluene; TCB
butyl Methacrylate DMF
BUNA-N (cured) Insoluble In: THF; Toluene; TCB
butylene terephalate m-cresol
butadiene (CIS) ODCS; Toluene; TCB
butadiene/acrylic Toluene; DMF
butadiene/acrylic acid/acrylonitrile Toluene; DMF
butyl isocyacate THF
Carbowaxes ODCB, chloroform, DMF, TCB
Cellulose acetate THF, DMF
Cellulose nitrate THF
Coal Tar Pitches Soluble in all but H2O
Carboxylated SBR DMF
Chlorinated polyethylene (Chloroprene) TCB
Cellulose(Quarternary Amine Modified) DMSO; H2O
caprolatam m-cresol; HFIP
Carbonates ODCB; THF; TCB
Carboylated polybutadiene THF
Carboxy Methyl Cellulose H2O; DMF
Cis isoprene THF
Cellulose trinitrate THF
Dextran H2O, DMSO
dialkyl phthalate ODCB; Toluene; chloroform; TCB
dimethylsiloxanes ODCB; Toluene; chloroform; TCB
Drying oils ODCB; Toluene; chloroform; TCB; DMF
dodecylacylate THF
dioxalane THF
ethylene oxide THF; DMF; H2O; TCB
ethers Toluene; THF; DMF
epichlorohydran TCB
Epoxy Resins Toluene; THF; chloroform
etylene acrylates ODCB; Toluene; DMF; m-cresol
ethylene/vinyl acetate (EVA) TCB
ethylene/propylene ODCB; TCB
ethylene terephthalate (PET) m-cresol; HFIP
ethylene/acrylic acid (NA+form) TCB
ethylene/methylacrylate TCB
ethylene/hexane-1 TCB
esters m-cresol; HFIP; TCB; Toluene
ethylene/acrylic acid (ZN+form) acidify with glacial acetic acid, then TCB
Fatty Acids ODCB; THF; chloroform; TCB
Furfurylalcohol ODCB; THF; chloroform; TCB
Gelatins H2O; DMSO
glycerides ODCB; THF; TCB
glycol/glycerine polyesters DMF; DMF+0.005% LiBR
glycols ODCB; Toluene; THF; DMF; TCB
isoprene Toluene; TCB
isobutylene Toluene; THF
isocyanates Toluene; THF; DMF; chloroform
imides DMAc; DMF
imic acid NMP
Isopropylidene-1,4-Phenylene THF
KEVLAR (aromatic polyamide) Insoluble In: TCB; DMF; m-cresol; HFIP; THF; Toluene; DMSO; NMP
KYNAR (Vinylidene floride) DMF; DMAc; DMSO; cyclohexanone
Lignin sulfonates H2O
Lipids methylene chloride; THF
Melamines HFIP; m-cresol; TFA; TCB
methyl methacrylate Toluene; THF; DMF; m-cresol; DMAc
methacrylates TCB; DMF; THF
methyl methacrylate/styrene ODCB; Toluene; THF; chloroform
methyl Pentene TCB
NORYL (styrene/phenylene oxide) TCB
Neoprene Toluene; TCB
Nylon 4; 6; 6/6; 6/10; 12 m-cresol; HFIP
oxycarbonyloxy-1,4-Phenylene THF
oxypropylene THF
oxymethylene DMAc
octadecyl methacrylate DMF; DMSO at 140°C
octadecylvinylether THF
oxymaleoyloxhexamethylene THF
oxysuccinyloxhexamethylene THF
Polyols THF; DMF
Phenolic novalacs THF; chloroform
Pheonl formaldehyde Resins THF; TCB
phenylene oxide TCB
propylene ODCB; TCB
propylene oxide THF; TCB
propylene/butene-1 ODCB; TCB
Phenylene sulfide Reported to only be soluble in1-chloro-naphthalene at 235°C
Rubbers (uncured) Toluene; TCB; ODCB
Rubber, chlorinated Toluene; TCB
vinyl acetate ODCB; THF; DMF
vinyl alcohol H2O; DMF; DMSO
vinyl butyral THF; DMF
vinyl chloride Toluene; THF
vinyl floride DMF
vinyl methyl ethers THF; DMF
vinyl chloride/vinyl acetate/maleic acid DMF
vinyl alcohol/vinyl acetate DMF; DMSO
vinyl esters DMF; THF
vinylidene floride (KYNAR) DMAc; DMF; DMSO
VITON (vinylidene floride/hexafluropropylene) DMAc; isobutyl acetate
vinyl pyrrolidone/vinyl acetate DMF
vinyl acetate/ethylene DMF
vinyl acetate/ethylene/acrylate DMF
vinyl bromide THF
vinyl ferrocene THF
vinyl formal THF
Waxes (parrafins) ODCB; Toluene; THF; chloroform; DMF; TCB; m-cresol
Waxes (microcrystalline) ODCB; TCB